Old Vine Wines Of the South Evening 20.30 – 23-30 on 26/05/2019

At Little Furnace we our first love is Pizza. Wine (particularly Red) is a close second. Our favourites are big full bodied beasts from the South of Italy.

For those who share our love of the red stuff we are putting on a special evening. We will be exhibiting three wines from two of Southern Italys’ most iconic grape varieties by two of the regions best makers; Puglias’ ‘Canitine San Marzano’ and Campanias ‘Nativ’. Accompanied with a pizza of choice from the menu and antipasti.

Please Click the drop down arrow next to the ‘old vine wines evening’ tab that brought you here for details and costs.

This will be a casual evening, wine exists as a thing to enjoy. This will not feel formal or ‘classy’ that’s not us. This will be a relaxed, casual evening with great Pizza antipasti, good tunes and beautiful wines with a story. We don’t do stuffy, you’ve worked hard all week, relax.

Any additional drinks wanted must be bought before 11 as our licensing laws prohibit sales after this time.

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