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Our pizzas are best eaten freshly prepared ‘in house’ if they don’t reach your mouth within 7 minutes of leaving the oven they ‘lose a bit of magic’ (but are still delicious nonetheless). For this reason we do not take pre-orders. We only take orders on site in person so we can do our best to guarantee that ‘fresh from oven’ result every-time.

However, our pizzas are also available via Deliveroo.


We cook each pizza from fresh dough and serve straight from a 450oC oven then immediately place in a box for take out or delivery. It will naturally have to be piping hot to have been turned from raw dough into cooked bread. We are responsible for the item up until the point it is boxed, we can do no more. Either the take away customer or Deliveroo are responsible for collecting it on time and getting it to its destination in due time and in a good state to maximise its quality and temperature.

          Pulcinellas Tips  

          For optimum quality:

1. Our Pizzas travel better uncut, request this on site if you have the means to cut yourself.

2. If your pizza(s) arrive home tepid, to ‘revive’ your pizza, have your oven pre heated to maximum temperature, brush or spray the crust lightly with water and place your pizza in the oven for around 30 seconds  (the aim is to re-heat long enough to evaporate the water without the crust becoming crispy) check the crust is dry and spongy and hey presto, the magic returns!

(Disclaimer: try this at your own risk, we cannot account for customer mistakes in this process)

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